Ship fast at scale,
all in Kotlin.

Try the highest velocity, batteries included, boilerplate which can grow as your dev team and customers scale. KtSaaS is remarkably simple, scalable, and productive.

A high velocity stack that can scale with you.

Time to ship matters. KtSaaS focuses on a productive stack which makes it easy to ship your first MVP without sacrificing your ability to grow to 1.0 and beyond. Missing something you need? Submit a request and we will do our best to add it to KtSaaS in a future update. Rememmber, ongoing updates are included with your licence so you can always get the latest.

KtSaaS is built on Misk, a Kotlin microservice framework, used at 40k+ QPS scale by Cash App, Faire, Square, and other big companies. Misk is open source and well proven on all dimensions of performance, product, and team scale.

DevOps from Day One.

Skip the weeks spent wiring up your CI/CD, databases, reverse proxy, observability. Your new SaaS app is ready to deploy when you clone the boilerplate repo.


Pre-configured for CI, green builds, & one-click deploys on every PR.

Start from day one with Github Actions or BuildKite. No more breaking master from no PR tests. Even deploy with one click (BuildKite only).


Docker Swarm deploys with HTTPS, routing, database, & auth built in.

Skip weeks configuring reverse proxy, DB backups & migrations, or hardening your login auth flow. It's all included and built with OSS libraries you can verify & trust.


Manage your application from your browser.

Scale your deployment, check memory usage, login to your DB, and hit admin endpoints in your service, all from your browser.

Start Building Today

Your next SaaS product doesn't need months of setup.
1. Get KtSaaS.
2. Write your business code & UI.
3. Launch! Your service is already ready to scale.

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Loved by builders worldwide.

Big tech or solo-founder engineers, KtSaaS is getting rave reviews.

    • I was continually surprised at how good and thorough the KtSaaS abstractions and tools are - I couldn't believe how easy it was to get my functionality built.

      Staff Software Engineer, Square
    • This is the top Kotlin boilerplate by far.

    • KtSaaS really comes with all 'batteries included'.

      Software Engineer, Amazon
    • You should consider learning Kotlin and using KtSaaS.

    • This would have saved 9 months of work doing repo setup, DB connectivity, deploys, and CI/CD. I'm using KtSaaS for my new project and loving it.

      CTO, SaaS Founder

A small one-time cost, a giant leap in your velocity.

Whatever size your team, KtSaaS will let you build & scale faster.


Build and launch fast, on your own.

$199 $399

  • Buy once, use forever
  • Licence for 1 engineer
  • Unlimited commercial projects
  • 1 year starter repository access
  • Ongoing updates
  • Basic support
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Help your crew ship faster, jump ahead of the competition, and stay ahead.

$399 $799

  • Buy once, use forever
  • Licence for 1-9 engineers
  • Unlimited commercial projects
  • Lifetime starter repository access
  • Ongoing updates
  • Basic support
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Abstractions and productivity so your whole org can move fast.

$999+ $1999+

  • Buy once, use forever
  • Licence for 10+ engineers
  • Unlimited commercial projects
  • Lifetime starter repository access
  • Ongoing updates
  • Priority support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question that isn't answered below? Email us and we'll get back to you.

    • What is KtSaaS?

      KtSaaS is a boilerplate codebase that let's you focus your efforts on business logic & UI. You get a lot of batteries included: initial service structure, DB connectivity, deploys with Docker Swarm, devops (CI/CD, observability, SSL certs), and more. For small teams, this can save you months of setup. Skip straight to high velocity, productive software development.

    • Who is this for?

      KtSaaS is for Kotlin developers who want to build and ship new projects faster. If you'd prefer to spend your time writing business logic or UI instead of mucking with devops or choosing between libraries, the KtSaaS starter gives you sane defaults so you can start running. This is not a "no code" framework, so if you aren't confident in your general development abilities, this might not be for you.

    • Can I see the product before purchasing?

      You bet! Try the live demo to see what the boilerplate comes with. Check the documentation to understand how you can get started once you buy your licence.

    • Can I use the code for multiple projects?

      Yes, all licences are for unlimited commercial or non-commercial use. You are not allowed to sell or open source the codebase itself or redistribute without permission of the original author.

    • How will I get access to the boilerplate source code?

      Use the email associated with your Github account during purchase. Once your payment is processed, your Github account will be granted access to the private repository containing the KtSaaS starter code.

    • How will I receive updates?

      Updates will be pushed to the starter repo regularly. Additional functionality is planned to be added in the coming year. Version bumps and bug fixes will also be pushed on an ongoing basis so anytime you purchase, you're getting the latest and greatest.

    • What happens if I find a bug?

      File an issue in the Github private repo and we'll work with you to investigate, land a fix, and get your team unblocked.

    • I bought the code. Can I get help?

      Reach out via email or in the Github repo conversation to get support. We'll reply with help as soon as possible. Licences which include priority support will be at the front of the support queue.

    • Can I get a discount?

      We offer student discounts, reach out from your academic institution email address and we'll apply your discount.

    • Can I get a refund?

      Given the non-refundable nature of the product, we do not offer refunds. If you have any further questions before you purchase, please get in touch. We're happy to help you understand if KtSaaS is a good fit for you.

    • What if I have a different question?

      Email us and we'll answer as soon as possible.